Alicia Witt's Emotional 'Talk to You' Music Video Shows Loved Ones Reuniting During the Pandemic

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Alicia Witt just wants to "Talk to You" in her newest music video!

Accompanied by a powerful piano-driven ballad, the music video for Witt's single "Talk to You" shows the moment loved ones and strangers meet up for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began over a year ago.

"This song really is about connecting," the singer tells PEOPLE. "It's about that longing to learn everything there is to know about someone, to check in and find out how they're truly doing, and to discover all the places along your journeys where you had the same experiences, although you didn't know each other yet."

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In the video, the singer sings over a piano as scenes of a nervous young woman meeting up with a handsome date, a father and daughter embracing each other and a bartender and a customer chatting away play. The video is an ode to human connection after the world largely went virtual and distant over a year ago due to the ongoing global pandemic.

"With the pandemic we're just starting to come out of, this song felt like it took on a whole new, deeper meaning," the singer-songwriter says. "With the isolation and fear that so many of us have been living with, there is such a sense of euphoria at the simple act of hugging a loved one, or looking into their face without six feet between you, and connecting in the simple, profound ways we used to take for granted."

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The Massachusetts native began taking classical piano lessons and acting at the age of seven, landing her first role in David Lynch's 1984 sci-fi classic Dune.

Witt recently appeared in the Netflix black comedy I Care A Lot starring Rosamund Pike and Dianne Wiest, and is set to appear in the upcoming historical thriller Alice alongside Keke Palmer and rapper Common.

She's also had a successful television career, with recent roles in Orange Is The New Black, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Nashville, Lynch's Twin Peaks, and more.

The pop-rock singer's fifth album The Conduit is set to release later this summer.

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