Alison Brie says she's always been 'fascinated' by sex

Alison Brie has always had a "fascination" with sex.

The 37-year-old actress - who is married to actor Dave Franco - has admitted that her interest in sex dates back to her school days, even though she had "no idea what sex was" at the time.

She recalled: "I would put on one of my parents' trench coats and then I would get a hotdog and put it between my legs.

"I'd waddle out into the living room and I'd be, like, 'Are you ever hungry walking down the street, and don't have something to eat? Try our new edible wieners!'

"The tagline was: 'It's your wiener but you can eat it!' I feel like we had such a fascination with sex when I was nine and 10, but we had no idea what sex was."

Edible Wiener was Alison's signature comedy skit - and she accepts that sexual humour has played a major role in her career.

She conceded: "My sketches were always slightly perverted."

The actress recalled developing a one-woman video series called 'Cute E Nurse' during sleepovers with her best friend, Deborah.

Alison told the Observer newspaper: "It was about a slutty nurse who had sex with all the doctors.

"I'd be humping the air as the doctor. Then I would flip over and be humping the air as 'Cute E Nurse'. I don't why I was so sexual as a kid, but I just found it really funny."

Despite this, the actress admits her career really took off when she joined the cast of the hit TV show 'Mad Men' in 2007.

She said: "'Mad Men' was meant to be one episode, with the possibility of becoming a recurring character.

"I was like, 'That's fine, I'm excited.' But by the end of that episode, they had asked me to come back for the next. Then I did every season of the show."