Allegra celebrates Christmas twice

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Allegra has “two Christmases”.
The ‘If You Wanna Love Me’ singer adores the festive season and is happy her family adopt the traditions of her German heritage by celebrating on Christmas Eve (24.12.21), as well as Christmas Day itself.
She said: “I am lucky enough to be able to go away this Christmas season as I am half German so my family likes to have a white Christmas.
“Christmas is my favourite season, I’m the one who is always so traditional in my family making sure that we make Christmas cookies each year and dancing away to festive music.
“We always decorate the Christmas tree as a family all dressed up drinking champagne around the 23rd.
“My father is German so Christmas is on the 24th, so we really get two Christmases which I love.”
Allegra’s Christmas celebrations are always “chaotic” but she loves the routines and rituals of being with her family.
She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “A perfect Christmas Day is waking up super early to open the stockings in my parents’ room and then going down in PJs to make waffles or pancakes and watching a Christmas film.
“We then have a traditional Christmas lunch and later on we open all the presents under the Christmas tree and then watch the Queen’s speech.
“After all that a family walk is always in order. Family is very important to me, so having big family Christmases are my dream, even if it’s a bit chaotic.”
One of Allegra’s most memorable gifts has stuck with her for the wrong reasons.
She laughed: “I think my aunt forgot how old I was so she got me a ‘My Little Pony’ diary which I would have loved when I was eight not 16 but it’s the thought that counts!
“I would like to think that I’m quite easy to buy for, just get me some jewellery and I’m a happy girl.”

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