Allen's fans in shock as three lolly favourites 'temporarily' discontinued

In a devastating blow to lolly lovers, the company made the announcement this week.

In sad new for fans of three iconic Allen's lollies, the company has paused production on individual bags of Sherbies, Red Ripperz (formerly known as Red Skins), and Milkos.

Not realising why they weren't seeing their favourites on shop shelves anymore, Aussies started thinking they were discontinued.

A photo of Red Ripperz
Allen's has temporarily paused selling individual bags of Red Ripperz, Milkos and Sherbies. Source: Getty

"First you take away cobbers, then bananas then fantails and now redskins, milkos and sherbies," one person posted on Allen's Facebook page. "Why are you taking away all the good stuff?? How about getting rid of your horrible jelly beans."

"Just here to vent my disappointment," another said. "I was annoyed with Fantales but this is just bad news."

A photo of Sherbies and Milko Sticks.
Allen's will let consumers know when the lollies will be making a comeback in individual bags. Source: Facebook/Woolworths

Allen's responds to outrage from fans

That's when Allen's decided to confirm the move was only "temporarily" and explained why.

"We can confirm that individual bags of Allen’s Sherbies, Red Ripperz Sticks, and Milkos have not been discontinued, but are temporarily paused as we finalise our new production facility at our Allen’s factory in Broadford, Victoria," Nestle, the company that own the brand, said in a statement to Yahoo News Australia.

"We’re working hard to bring these back to shelves in their own bags as soon as possible, but the good news is that lolly lovers can still find Sherbies, Red Ripperz, and Milko chews in bags of ALLEN’S Chew Mix.

Despite the temporary nature of the move, many were still devastated. "No thanks, I won't be buying the mixed bags to get them," one person said.

"We’ll be sure to keep you updated on our Facebook page Allen's Lollies when individual bags make a return," the statement continued.

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