Allyson Felix | Tokyo 2020 Olympic Profile

Six-time Olympic gold medalist Allyson Felix reveals the unique training methods she used during COVID and how she's using 17 years of experience between her first Olympics and this, her fifth Games, to her advantage in Tokyo.

Video transcript


ALLYSON FELIX: I'm Allyson Felix. I am a six-time Olympic gold medalist in track and field, and I am excited to go for my fifth Olympic team.

Training during quarantine was just absolutely crazy. I was literally training in the streets around my house. And my coach came, he marked off the distances, and so I was sprinting through my neighborhood. And my neighbors were just kind of confused, wondering what was going on.

Some of my neighbors who had very young kids, you know, they were out there cheering a little bit, which was actually really cool. And then, when I was running through some of the streets of LA, you know, some of the cyclists and stuff would be cheering me on. So it was actually really cool when you're out there by yourself to get, like, this little push from the community.

I definitely feel different in the aspect of having the experience. You know, it takes a lot to kind of ruffle my feathers now. Like, I know what to expect. I kind of know, you know, when things are going well, when things aren't, and what I need to adjust.

So I've just been trying to use all that experience, and I feel blessed that I've been able to take care of my body through the years. And so I feel really good. This is probably the best that I've felt after giving birth. And so I'm really excited about that and excited to just feel like myself again.