A cheaper version of the ridiculously popular 8-in-1 Always Pan is now on sale

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The viral Always pan, which claims to be 8 kitchen tools in 1, has launched in the UK. (Our Place)
The viral Always pan, which claims to be 8 kitchen tools in 1, has launched in the UK. (Our Place)

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Ever heard the saying 'you can't be everything to everyone'? Well, the Always Pan by Our Place is the exception to that rule.

This 8-in-1 piece of kitchenware went viral on social media when it launched in the US just over two years ago, and since, over one million people have purchased the sought-after pan.

As you'd expect, this often leads to the pan selling out, accruing waiting lists of 60,000 strong and restocks often selling out in under 20 minutes.

It's even celebrity-approved, Oprah Winfrey dubbed it a “kitchen magician” while Selena Gomez loves it so much she created her own collaboration with the brand.

(Our Place)
The Always Pan has accrued waiting lists of 60,000. (Our Place)

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Ok, it isn't the cheapest piece of kitchen equipment (£125 with free shipping) but the non-stick pan is several pieces in one, highly effective and comes with some nifty features to help save time and energy when cooking.

Plus, Our Place has just released the pan in a new mini version. The more affordable £100 pan is designed to be ultra-convenient for those living in more compact spaces, but is still large enough to whip up a meal for two.

(Our Place)
The cult pan now comes in a smaller and more affordable version. (Our Place)

Shop the Always Pan | £125

Shop the Always Pan Mini | £100

Why we love it

Now, it takes a lot for a frying pan to amass a cult following (it's a pan, after all). So why the fuss?

The pan is multi-functional, meaning it works as a frying pan, steamer, skillet, saucier and saucepan. Meaning you can braise, sear, steam, strain, saute, fry, boil and serve your food with just one piece of equipment - just think of all the cupboard space you'd save.

The pan is also coated with a completely non-toxic ceramic, which is made without any chemical PFAs, lead and other toxic metals, so you can cook safely in the knowledge that your equipment is not releasing any nasties into your food.

(Our Place)
With over 22,000 reviews, customers say you should chuck out your kitchen pans and just buy this. (Our Place)

The pan, which is compatible with all cooktops (and yes, we've tested it), also has some great additional design, such as a custom stainless steel steamer basket, built-in spoon rest and custom beechwood spatula.

You can also buy additional add-ons from Our Place such as a grill press and steamer baskets to make the pan even more versatile.

Plus, there's the fact that this is quite possibly the most aesthetically-pleasing piece of kitchenware that we have ever seen.

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If you haven't already noticed, the pan comes in a range of dreamy shades from sage green to dusty pink, minimal charcoal and more.

What the reviews say:

With currently 22,000 reviews and over 15,000 five star reviews (yes, it's a jaw-dropping amount), it's fair to say that thousands agree it lives up to the hype.

  • "Omg I love this pan system... it makes cooking fun and inventive.. I can make everything from stir fry to traditional Mexican meals to breakfast. I can't get enough of this set."

  • "This is by far the best pan I have ever purchased. I have been looking for a good skillet but within a year it's in the trash. Not only is this pan easy to clean, it's a non stick pan, you can even use it to steam vegetables. I leave it on my stove top. It may be pricey but it's worth every penny."

  • "Throw everything else away. First of all, gorgeous. So non stick I literally cook everything in it. Probably the only thing I need in my kitchen."

  • "This pan is amazing! It cooks evenly and a simple rinse and wipe is all it takes to clean it! I have purchased two and plan to purchase more!"

  • "Don’t wait!! Buy it... you won’t regret it! It’s just so beautiful!! This pan is a must!! It’s the perfect non-stick pan. It cooks evenly and is super easy to clean... and it looks amazing on my stovetop. I love it so much and wish I would have purchased it sooner."

Buy it: Always Pan | £125 from Our Place

Shop the Always Pan | £125

Buy it: Always Pan Mini | £100 from Our Place

Shop the Always Pan Mini | £100