Alyssa Milano ‘suing’ former accountant for $10m

Olivia Morris

Charmed star Alyssa Milano has reportedly filed a $10 million USD lawsuit against her former business manager for financial misconduct.

The actress has accused Kenneth Hellie, her former accountant, of forging cheques with her signature and not settling overdue bills.

Alyssa Milano is suing her former business manager. Source: Getty
She claims Hellie has left her and husband David Bugliari in financial ruin. Source: Getty

She also claims he encouraged her to make bad investments in businesses which he was also involved in and did not disclose conflicts of interest.

The lawsuit was filed on Friday and states that the accountant left the 44-year-old and her husband David Bugliari with “millions of dollars in debt and their credit in ruins.”

Alyssa previously starred on hit show Charmed. Source: Getty

While he didn’t go into the specifics, Hellie told Variety: “Obviously a lot of it’s like the Johnny Depp situation. I can’t say anything just yet.”

He's referring to the Pirates of the Caribbean actor filing a lawsuit against The Management Group (TMG) back in January for $25 million USD, claiming fraud and negligence.

He claims TMG mishandled his finances which led to the star being millions of dollars in debt.

Johnny Depp is also currently embroiled in a lawsuit with his former managers. Photo: Getty Images

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But TMG counter-sued the actor claiming that it was his exorbitant spending that has landed him in his current financial situation.

Alyssa claims her ex-accountant engaged in a “shell game” with his clients’ money by borrowing funds from some and lending to others at very high interest rates.

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