Amanda Kloots to move into new home

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Amanda Kloots will move into the house her and her late husband Nick Cordero bought together.
The actress' husband devastatingly died at the age of 41 due to complications caused by the virus but she has decided to honour his memory by heading to Los Angeles.
She wrote on Instagram: "Heading back to Los Angeles today with a brave face. These next couple weeks I will start the transition of moving into the home Nick and I bought together. I'm not expecting this to be easy, in fact I think it will be very hard, but I'm going into it knowing I need to be strong. I have to find my new normal, at least whatever that is for Elvis and I right now. I know Nick will be with us. He wanted to live in this house more than anything so I'll put lots of family photos up and make sure his presence is with us. (sic)"
Amanda had previously admitted she is "scared" of her "new normal" and coping with her and her son Elvis' pain of losing her husband and his father.
She shared in a lengthy Instagram post: "Truly, I am scared. Scared of my new normal, of the pain, the loss and being strong enough to get through it. But, I know Nick is up above routing for me, believing in me and hoping for me. He wants me to LIVE this new life and he wants me to be the best version of myself for our son. I promised him in the hospital that I would try to do that. So, when I heard these lyrics yesterday I thought, 'Ok. When I'm doubting if I can get through this, I'm playing this song. It will be my motto.'"