Amanda Seyfried's daughter confused by TV message

Amanda Seyfried's daughter "cried" when she saw her accept her Emmy award on TV.
The 46-year-old star had told her five-year-old daughter Nina - who she has with husband Thomas Sadoski - that she could stay up to watch Monday's (12.09.22) Primetime Emmy Awards but the youngster was left confused when the actress directly addressed her when she picked up the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie Prize.
Amanda told reporters backstage: "My daughter actually cried because she was confused how I spoke to her through the TV and so I called her.
"She was supposed to be in bed. She's going to school tomorrow! I didn't expect that to be the reaction.
"I've got to have a conversation with [Nina] when I get home."
During her acceptance speech, the 'Dropout' actress - who also has 23-month-old son Thomas Jr. with her spouse - thanked her family for their support before telling her daughter it was time to "go to bed".
She said: "Thanks Television Academy, and thanks for recognizing me among these amazing actors...
"It was really hard but it was the best time of my life. Of course [thank you to] my agents of 16 years, Abby Bluestone, Scott, Morrie, Gary.
"And last but not least, [thank you to] my family.
"Hi, bubs, you gotta go to bed now, but thanks!
"Thank you to my family, my mom, my husband my dad and my kids, and my dog, Finn. Thanks so much."
While walking the red carpet earlier in the evening, Amanda had also taken the opportunity to address her daughter directly.
Appearing on 'Live From E!', she said: "[My daughter] should be in bed. But it's OK, it's fine. She can stay up as long as she likes."
She then smiled directly at the camera and said: "You can stay up."