Amazing hack reveals how you can easily get rid of common winter problem: 'Blown away'

To give the hack a go, all you need is a dry microfibre cloth and some dishwashing liquid.

Anita Birges demonstrates her hack in stills from her TikTok.
The simple hack promises to eliminate winter window condensation. Photo: TikTok/@miseenplace_au

Winter is officially here, and while it may bring cosy evenings, hot choccy and toasty warm blankets, it also ushers in some seasonal home cleaning nightmares — like that annoying condensation build-up on your windows after a chilly night. But don’t despair, home organisation and cleaning hack guru Anita Birges has come to the rescue with what she calls the "best winter home hack ever."

"It's for all that condensation build-up we get at the bottom of our glass windows and doors in winter," she revealed on her TikTok. "Check out how I do it!"


In her video, Anita shows the windows in her lounge room but admits that this condensation problem is happening all over her home.

"Grab your dishwashing liquid and a dry microfibre cloth, put a small amount on, and let's get to it!" she instructs with as much infectious enthusiasm as anyone can have about cleaning.

Starting from the top, Anita rubs vigorously all over the window, including the frame.

"If your cloth is getting too wet, replace it with a dry one and keep on going," she advises. "The dishwashing liquid creates a barrier which stops condensation from coming back."

To prove her point, Anita only used the magical hack on the middle window of her living room. The next day, she proudly showed off the difference.

Birges wiping her windows in a still from TikTok.
Simply rub a small amount of dishwashing liquid on a dry microfiber cloth over the window to prevent condensation. Photo: TikTok/@miseenplace_au

"Look at this!" she celebrated her condensation-free window: "I'm going to be going around and doing the whole house now!"

"Absolutely blown away by this winter home hack!"

And Birges' followers were just as impressed. "Oh my goodness!" one person exclaimed, "My house is so damp and every morning in winter I have to dry lots of the windows. I so hope this works for me!"

"Definitely need to try this," another agreed, while someone else chimed in, "Look forward to seeing if this works!"

Birges demonstrated her hack in a still from TikTok.
Birges demonstrated her hack by treating only the middle window to show the striking difference. Photo: TikTok/@miseenplace_au

"Immediately will start this tomorrow morning!" wrote someone else. "Genius!"

Another added: "The hack I needed for today! Thanks for sharing!"

"The condensation is so bad at the moment," agreed another follower. One viewer even shared their own tip: "For years I have been doing this for my glasses as well, stops them fogging up!"

"And on swimming goggles!" someone else shared.


"Can you do this on your car windows?" a follower enquired, to which another user replied in the affirmative, as the same principle applies. "Also in the bathroom mirror," suggested someone else.

So, if you're struggling with winter condensation woes, why not give this dishwashing liquid hack a try? Your windows — and your sanity — might just thank you!

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