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Amazon's top-selling laser hair-removal tool is 35% off for the 4th of July

Blast away unwanted whiskers in the comfort of your home.

When it comes to unwanted hair, the most common methods — waxing, shaving and plucking — are just temporary solutions. It seems like a big deal to go all-in on a more permanent fix, so most of us just keep on keepin' on with our usual (exhausting, never-ending) habitual hair removal. But people are increasingly waking up to the benefits of intense pulse light (IPL), a hair-removal treatment you can do at home to leave skin smooth and hair-free long-term. As luck would have it, a popular IPL tool — the Innza Laser Hair Removal Device — is on major markdown at Amazon right now, just in time for the holiday weekend. Normally $95, this discounted pro tool is down to $60 thanks to an on-page coupon.

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This handy kit has everything you need to target unwanted hair and keep it away, including a powerful IPL hair removal tool, sunglasses to protect your eyes and a razor for spot treatments.

Save $43 with coupon
$52 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal? 💰

Apply the on-page coupon, and the price drops to a mere $60 — that's $35 off. We love a good discount. When you consider how pricey professional treatments can be (hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars), it's a total steal.

Why do I need this? 🤔

In case you're not familiar with them, IPL hair removers use strong pulses of light to target hair. When that light is absorbed by hair, it heats it up, then typically destroys the hair, along with the cells that make new hair growth, lowering the odds they'll return. Research has found that IPL can remove up to 78% of targeted hair. You can have IPL done at a salon, but it's much, much more expensive. An at-home machine like the Innza Laser Hair Removal Device will save you a fortune.

With its 600 nanometer wavelength, the Innza hair remover breaks the cycle of hair growth and kills the follicles that make new hair. You should see smoother skin within 12 weeks.

Innza's hair remover offers nine energy levels to help you tailor your treatment to the area of skin you're working on. It's operated by a touchscreen (easy peasy). Another perk? It can help cool your skin while it works, so you don't feel overheated.

woman by pool holding the hair removal tool
Whoa, whoa — don't aim it at your head! Bring this zapper on vacation with you, and impromptu touch-ups will be a breeze. (Amazon)

What reviewers say 💬

An impressive 1,200 Amazon reviewers have given the Innza Laser Hair Removal Device a very smooth five stars, with many highlighting the tool's ease of use, value, and painless removal of hair as among the biggest benefits.

Pros 👍

"I was skeptical at first. I didn’t think it was going to work," said one five-star fan, "but I’ve been doing it once a week for about two months now, and the bikini line doesn’t grow hair anymore."

Another happy customer called Innza's hair remover "amazing." They added, "I can't believe this actually worked! I'm a really hairy woman who had to shave almost daily, but after six sessions (one per week), I just need to shave once a week. ... I barely have hair growth."

Users swear Innza's IPL hair remover helps blast unwanted hairs into oblivion. "I've been using it for about 10 weeks now. I’m down to one to two times a week, and so far the hair is staying away," reported a satisfied shopper.

One more shopper testimonial that we just had to share: "This machine is life."

Cons 👎

If you have very sensitive skin, shoppers note that you may experience some discomfort or slight pain when using the laser initially (though many reviewers say they felt no pain, so take that critique as you will!). This user shared, "It doesn’t hurt on my armpit area, but it does hurt on the bikini line, though it is bearable. The pain is just a pinch every time you hit the bottom of the bikini line, and I have a very bad pain tolerance so maybe this is why... but like I said, it's bearable."

While this final shopper noted that they "saw results in my facial hair after only two weeks of using it twice a week...the regrowth was completely gone by four weeks," they did add one critique. "My only suggestion would be an adapter with a smaller opening for the harder areas to reach on the face. Very impressive product!"

Innza's IPL hair remover offers nine energy levels to help you customize the intensity that's best for your skin. You can customize for different areas of the body, based on sensitivity.

Save $43 with coupon
$52 at Amazon

Psst: Amazon shoppers also love these mini razors for spot-treating unwanted facial fluff:

These top sellers can be used to quickly remove fine hairs, shape eyebrows, and even help exfoliate. They're shaped for ease of use, with micro-guards to help prevent nicks.

Save $3 with coupon
$13 at Amazon

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