Amber Heard gets her Johnny Depp defamation post-trial motions denied by judge

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Amber Heard has her appeal against the defamation case against her ex Johnny Depp thrown out of court.
Judge Penny Azcarate has denied the motion to have the guilty verdict withdrawn against the ‘Aquaman’ star - which includes $10 million dollars in damages she must pay - and has blocked any attempt for a retrial in the case between her and ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean' star that finished in June.
Legal representatives for the 36-year-old actress filed the motion earlier this month as they argued that their was insufficient evidence for the jury to convict her of defamation against her 59-year-old former husband. In addition, they argued that a juror did not meet the vetting requirements after misunderstanding about their date of birth.
They argued that the result should be scrapped because Johnny “proceeded solely on a defamation by implication theory, abandoning any claims that Ms. Heard's statements were actually false.”
The decision was outlined in court documents seen by the Mail Online on Wednesday (13.07.22).
Ben Chew, a lawyer working for the Dior Sauvage model - who was found to have defamed his ex three times - said: “What we expected, just longer, no more substantive.”
Amber - has previously stated that she is unable to afford the payment - was excessive.
She argued that Johnny “represented to the court he would limit his damages to the period Dec. 18, 2018 through November 2, 2020,” referring to the time frame after the publication of her Washington Post op-ed where she described herself as someone who “became a public figure representing domestic abuse, and I felt the full force of our culture’s wrath for women who speak out.”
Amber’s lawyers also argued: “Mr. Depp made no such effort at any point in the trial to limit his claimed damages. Instead, even throughout the Closings, Mr. Depp continued to urge the jury to restore his reputation and legacy to his children as a result of Ms. Heard accusing Mr. Depp in May 2016 of domestic violence.”
A source close to Amber claims that she is “broke” and “not in a position to turndown money” after reports circulated she was in talks to pen a tell-all memoir.
The insider added that Amber “considers her career in Hollywood over” and “has nothing to lose”.

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