Amber Portwood loses custody of four-year-old son

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Amber Portwood has lost custody of her four-year-old son James.
The 32-year-old reality star has a history of addiction but is mother to James with ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon and - according to court documents obtained by The Sun - will now be sending her son from Indiana to live with his dad in LA and she is entitled to three days of visitation.
She told E! News: "I'm devastated and heartbroken. I've worked so hard to better myself and improve my relationships with my children. While I've always been candid about my past substance abuse and struggles with mental illness, a person should have the chance to redeem themselves and not be tethered to their problems from the past."
The former 'Teen Mom' star - who also has 13-year-old Leah with ex Gary Shirley - went on to explain that she had done "everything required" of her and explained that she will never stop fighting for her children.
She added: "I've spent years rebuilding bridges and did everything that was required of me, including submitting 21 negative drug tests and undergoing multiple psychological evaluations. If your road has not been perfect, but you've worked hard to become a better, more stable and caring person today, keep moving forward as I will. I'll never stop fighting for my children who I love more than anything."
In response to the court ruling, Andrew told E! News, "We endured the nightmare, now we get to live the dream."
Earlier this year, Amber spoke out about the relationship she has with her daughter and sent Leah a video message where she insisted she will "never stop" trying to fix their relationship.
She said: ""I'm so proud of the young lady you have become think about you every day. And I will never stop trying to mend our relationship no matter what it takes. I will always love you. You are my heart no matter what."

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