Amelia Hamlin is 'open to dating again'

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Amelia Hamlin is "open to dating" once again.
The 20-year-old star split from Scott Disick in September, and she's now ready to get back in the dating game.
A source explained: "It has to be the right person. She hasn't closed herself off at all to dating, it'll just never be with Scott again."
The brunette beauty "is not opposed to dating someone in the spotlight", despite her experience with Scott, 38.
And the model isn't bothered about dating someone older or younger than her, even though it failed to work out with the TV star.
The insider told People: "She can date someone younger or someone older. It's not a deal-breaker."
Amelia received "a lot of scrutiny and judgement" about dating Scott, who is 18 years her senior.
The source added: "She is taking some time to figure out what she wants in her next relationship but is having fun hanging out with guys and finding something new.
"She's done with Scott and she'd be fine never speaking to him again and her parents are happy about that."
Amelia is focusing on herself for the time being, and despite her high-profile split from Scott, she's said to be "in a really good place".
The insider explained: "She's just focusing on herself right now and is in a really good place because of it."
Harry Hamlin - Amelia's dad - recently revealed that she's "doing great" following her break-up.
Harry also admitted he's personally glad that his daughter is now "solo".
He shared: "Look, Amelia’s doing great. She’s living in New York, and she’s having the time of her life solo.
"I have no idea [about the break-up]. I didn’t pull the curtain. I have no idea what exactly happened there. I’m just glad that she is solo. Put it that way."

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