Americans 'envious' of Kiwi apple

A Kiwi apple has left the growers of 32 rival varieties green with envy after being voted America's favourite.

The Envy apple outpolled rivals, such as the Granny Smith, Honeycrisp and Fuji, in the competition run by the US Apple Association.

Calling on American apple fans to vote for the best variety, the competition ran for five weeks in February and March.

"It was fun to see apple fans' passion for their favourite varieties play out on social media. Congrats however to Envy," US Apple Association's Korenna Wilson said.

Photos: Enza/YouTube

Developed by New Zealand government-owned agency Plant and Food Research, the Envy was bred naturally by crossing Braeburn with Royal Gala apples.

And with new season Kiwi-grown Envys appearing in stores this month and more than two million expected to be harvested in the US alone by 2020, New Zealanders should have plenty of help keeping the doctor away.

The Envy apple is described as a refined blend of the braeburn and royal gala apple varieties.

– With NZN