'America's Got Talent' Alum Madilyn Bailey Just Delivered Her Debut Album — and a Baby Girl Is Next (Exclusive)

After an endometriosis diagnosis, surgeries, shots and a failed IVF transfer, the YouTube star is expecting her first child in November

Madilyn Bailey has much to keep track of right about now.

"I'm really trying to get all of the last pieces of content created,” Bailey tells PEOPLE from her home in Los Angeles. “We just have a few videos left to shoot. I just have to get it done."

Helping her to keep everything straight is a wall in her home filled with Post-it notes organized in rows and columns that lists a series of priorities over the coming weeks — a wall that could resemble a piece of art if looked at in the right way.

“It’s my brain,” Bailey, 30, laughs of her crowded wall. “It's the only way I can remember anything. It has to be right in front of me, and I have to have all the ideas out there for all my different social media channels. What we're posting, when we're posting, what are the goals, what are we trying to hit? All the TikTok ideas. Yeah, it’s a lot.”

<p>Lissy Laricchia</p> Madilyn Bailey

Lissy Laricchia

Madilyn Bailey

Certainly, it’s a pressure that Bailey doesn’t mind much, even though the Season 16 America’s Got Talent favorite currently finds herself currently on the cusp of the third trimester of her pregnancy.

“My due date is Nov. 24th,” says Bailey. “She’s going to be a Thanksgiving baby, and I do plan on taking some time off, but also I'll probably say that for a couple weeks and then I’ll be ready to work."

Working alongside her has long been hubby Jimmy Benrud, whom Bailey married back in 2014. And while the couple always knew they wanted to have kids, life had a slew of surprises in store for them.

“A few days after my audition for America's Got Talent, I had this horrible endometriosis flareup situation,” says Bailey, who made quite a splash back in 2021 with her AGT performance of her original song made up of hate comments she had received on her YouTube channel. “The doctor said I had maybe the worst case of endometriosis [she had] ever worked on.”

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<p>Lissy Laricchia</p> Madilyn Bailey

Lissy Laricchia

Madilyn Bailey

Bailey and her husband were forced to make a crucial decision between a hysterectomy or trying to have a baby, all while Bailey’s music career was beginning to take off.

“I got the [laparoscopic] surgery and then we decided we were going to start IVF,” Bailey remembers. “For the next two years, I was on hormone therapy treatments to help with the endometriosis and then the IVF. And what's interesting about doing IVF when you have endometriosis is the IVF medications that grow the eggs also grow your endometriosis. So it kind of makes it worse at first.”

But earlier this year — after three surgeries, 317 shots and one failed transfer — Bailey finally got the news she was pregnant.

“Literally, we found out I was pregnant and then a week later we were shooting the cover art for Hollywood Dead,” says Bailey of her impressive debut album. “So, the entire time I've been pregnant, I've been making all the content for Hollywood Dead. I guess it gave me something to think about other than being pregnant because the first time you're pregnant, everything's scary.”

It’s an album that Bailey says encapsulates all her creative sides.

“There's a little edgier rock section and then there's a little poppier Katy Perry and Carly Rae Jepsen section,” she explains. “I think it's a really good representation of all my pop influences and the story that it tells of my journey of moving to L.A. from start to finish.”

<p>Lissy Laricchia</p> Madilyn Bailey

Lissy Laricchia

Madilyn Bailey

It’s a story she hopes to tell her daughter someday.

“I just want to create a space for her where she can be creative and know that anything is possible,” Bailey concludes. “Whatever she wants to do, I want to be able to support her in it. There isn't any dream that's too big to dream about.”

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