Ammunition depot engulfed in flames in Sorokyne, Luhansk Oblast following alleged Ukrainian attack

Ammunition depot on fire in Sorokyne
Ammunition depot on fire in Sorokyne

Explosions rang out in the temporarily occupied Sorokyno (former Krasnodon – occupied since 2014) in Luhansk oblast, a large-scale fire erupted at a supposedly Russian ammunition depot there, local Telegram channels claimed.

A large column of smoke can be seen in the sky after the alleged Ukrainian attack on May 13, Mash, Russian propaganda Telegram channel, wrote, noting that sounds of detonation can be heard in the published videos.

Roads in and out of town have been blocked, locals said. There might be some casualties.

Ukrainian military has not yet commented on the information.

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Sorokyne is located in Oblast's southeastern part, 50 km from Luhansk.

Ukrainian military allegedly attacked an oil depot located in the temporarily occupied Luhansk, leader of the so-called "LPR" Leonid Pasichnyk claimed on May 7. As a result of the impact, power lines were damaged, and a high-pressure gas pipeline was on fire, according to him. The strike was allegedly carried out by ATACMS missiles, he said.

Data from satellite images showed that at least three fuel storage facilities were destroyed.

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