Amy Adams used to be a 'really bad' waitress

Amy Adams used to be a "really bad waitress."
The 48-year-old actress performed in dinner theatre before hitting the big time in Hollywood but joked that she could "never remember" the orders and talked too much.
She said: "I loved doing dinner theatre so much. It gave me such a love for what I do and the work ethic of the people involved is just unparalleled. But one of them I waited tables and I thought I'd better hone my craft because I was just a really bad waitress. It's a hard job, I couldn't remember what anyone wanted and I did just want to talk to them a lot!"
The 'Disenchanted' star went on to add that even on stage in dinner theatre she spent "a lot of time " falling over on stage in the early days of her career even though she still remembers that time fondly.
Speaking on SiriusXM's 'Jess Cagle' podcast, she told Julie Cunningham: "Really if I'm thinking about horrific times in dinner theatre, it would mostly because I did like to try hard and I would try too hard and I fell a lot on stage. I fell a lot! There was a lot of time spent crawling around trying to get my feet back from under me. I one time kicked and just kicked my foot right from under me, I had to get that leg up and get that extension! But I loved it so much. That was when I could dance really well, because they dance, like crazy!