Amy Schumer loves being in team 'Married'

Amy Schumer thinks the best things about being married is not being alone.

The 36-year-old actress tied the knot with chef Chris Fischer in a surprise ceremony in Malibu back in February and is enjoying feeling like part of a team.

Amy told E! News: "The best part is just having a partner and being like 'I got a team.' It was just me and [my dog] Tatiana and now it's cool, you got someone to go through life with together that you love and you want to be partnered up with."

The 'Trainwreck' star is currently promoting her new comedy 'I Feel Pretty' about a woman who suffers a blow to the head which results in her believing she is the most beautiful person in the world.

Asked what Chris thought of the film, Amy said: "He's really proud of me. He's proud of this movie."

It comes after Amy recently claimed that she only felt ready to settle down after meeting her new beau.

She said: "I just knew i didn't want to settle. I'll be fine on my own. Maybe I'll fall in love a couple more times but I don't need that partner. And then I met the person I wanted to partner up with. I

didn't know right away. I knew him for seven months before it became romantic, but once I knew, I knew quick. I was like 'Oh, I'm done. I can't believe I messed with those other suckers.'"

The comedian met her new husband through her her long-time PR rep and manager Carrie Byalick, who dated Chris herself back in 2007, and with whom Amy recently parted ways.

Carrie revealed: "Our business relationship ended for many reasons, but has no connection to someone I briefly dated over a decade ago, years before I even met Amy.

"I couldn't be happier for her personally and professionally, and though our working relationship ended, we remain good friends."

Amy and Chris were first romantically linked in November 2017.

Before meeting Chris, the 'Snatched' actress and comedian dated furniture designer Ben Hanisch for 18 months until last May.