Amy Schumer wants a daughter next

Amy Schumer wants a daughter next.

The 'Trainwreck' star - who has recently opened up with her IVF journey as she bids to have another baby - would love to have a little girl next and has urged anyone who has the "resources" to have a baby to do just that.

She said: "I really have had a beautiful experience having a baby. You know, it's different for everybody. But I really have to recommend if you've got the resources to have a baby, have a baby. It's been so life-changing for me. And I really like the guy. I picture us all on the beach together. And teaching maybe a little girl how to play volleyball."

The 38-year-old comedienne has praised all women for their strength, dubbing them as "warriors".

She added: "We are warriors. All of us. I mean, for real. That is what I learned. I didn't just learn how strong I was. I really learned, as a whole, how strong women are.

"And, you know, men are great, too. And, like, that's awesome and you guys can throw a touch down. But, like, can you make a baby?!"

Amy tied the knot with Chris Fischer in February 2018 and in the open chat, she confessed she "never wanted to get married" at first.

Speaking as part of Oprah Winfrey's '2020 Vision: Your Life In Focus' tour, she shared: "I never wanted to get married. I never wanted to have kids. I didn't even think about it. Like kids - like little girls play weddings? I was, like, playing that I was a fortune teller, you know? Then I met this dude. And I was, like, I want to partner up with you for life. And I do want to get the government involved. And I want you to sign. I want to make a vow. Everyone here heard you and now you are mine."