Andrew Ridgeley and Netflix join forces for new Wham! documentary

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Andrew Ridgeley is working with Netflix on a new Wham! documentary.
The 59-year-old singer starred alongside George Michael in the 1980s, and he's now joined forces with the streaming giant to help to make a new documentary.
A source shared: "The Netflix team jumped at the chance to make this film. The Wham! story is an incredible one and who better to offer insight than Andrew? It is a really exciting project and they are putting a lot of resources into it.
"Andrew is also very keen for the opportunity to look back over his years with George in the band – though it will, of course, be bittersweet for him."
The Netflix documentary promises to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at their ups and downs as a pop duo.
The insider explained: "It is a welcome chance to celebrate what they achieved together and will give fans a unique look behind the scenes."
The new documentary is being billed as an intimate look at Andrew and George's chart success.
And Netflix hopes that it'll be similarly successful to Taylor Swift's 'Miss Americana' and Lady Gaga's 'Five Foot Two'.
A second source told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "The bosses are confident this will be just as much of a hit, if not more."
George passed away on Christmas Day in 2016, aged 53. But prior to his prior, the 'Faith' hitmaker revealed he wanted to be remembered as someone "with integrity".
The pop icon had been working on a documentary film called 'George Michael Freedom Uncut' in the months before his death.
And in a clip from the planned project, he said: "I want to leave songs ... that will mean something to later generations. I want to be remembered as someone who had some kind of integrity."

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