Andrew Tate’s supercar collection flaunted online seized by authorities in Romania

Andrew Tate’s supercar collection he flaunted online has been seized by authorities in Romania.
The four-time kickboxing world champion, 36, who was arrested last week as part of a probe into alleged human trafficking, rape and forming an organised crime ring, had eight vehicles confiscated, said to be collectively worth more than £750,000.
A Buggati Chiron, a Rolls Royce, two Ferraris and a Porsche were taken, according to Romanian outlet Spy News, but it is thought they may only be a portion of Tate’s car collection.
He is said to own them with his brother Tristan, who is also being held in a detention centre as part of the investigation.
Several buildings, including one where the brothers lived and allegedly held six young women, have also been seized, according to a local news report.
The Tates’ mansion housed the studio where they recorded their ‘Emergency Meeting’ podcast.
They have been branded women-haters for their videos on which they share controversial views on females, life and cash.
Andrew Tate has referred to married women as “property” owned by their husbands, and in footage where he talks about feminism, the former kickboxer claims women should “shut the f*** up, have kids, sit at home, be quiet and make coffee”.
He has maintained a social media presence via his Twitter account while being held, and since his arrest his account has shared a string of posts including a message about “The Matrix” from Twitter owner Elon Musk.
Tate declared to cameras at the scene of his arrest last week: “The Matrix has attacked me.”
Andrew was banned from Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok earlier this year and days before his arrest was embroiled in a Twitter spat with climate activist Greta Thunberg, 20, when he bragged about “massive emissions” from his Bugatti.
She responded by declaring that he had “small d energy” and should “get a life”.