Andy Cohen had to send his son to live with his nanny when he caught COVID

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Andy Cohen had to send his son to live with their nanny after he contracted coronavirus.
The 53-year-old talk show host admitted it was "really upsetting" trying to keep two-year-old Benjamin - who was born via a surrogate - at a distance to avoid passing on COVID-19 to the toddler, so ultimately decided it would be for the best for him to isolate alone.
He said: "I quarantined in the house. The first day was really drought and [Benjamin] was really upset and he wanted to hug me so badly. Thankfully, what wound up happening was we tried cohabitating and he was not getting the message that he could not come near me and it was serious. It was really upsetting. And he wound up going out to Long Island with his nanny.
"We quite literally separated. It was not pretty. It was not pretty."
Speaking on his SiriusXM radio show 'Andy Cohen Live', the 'Watch What Happens Live' star went on to confirm that he has finished his isolation period and feels "so much better" now, although he initially thought the virus was a reaction to his booster shot.
He said: "I'm negative, I feel so much better, and here we are. I had gotten a booster that Thursday, and so then I thought I was sick from the booster — that I was having a reaction to the booster. And then two days later I was like, 'Wait a minute, this is quite a big reaction.' And I got pretty sick. But I'm all better now."
The TV star - who first battled COVID-19 back in March 2020 - is now looking forward to spending the holiday season with his toddler.
In a clip posted to Instagram which saw the tot express his excitement about Christmas, Andy chimed in: "Yes, it's gonna be a great day. To be continued, Santa's coming."

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