Andy Cohen shares his biggest parenting hacks—no pacifiers ever, for starters

Andy Cohen is raising babies, and sharing the hacks his baby nurse taught him. The Bravo star of BravoCon 2023’s Saturday Ask Andy panel, the Watch What Happens Live host was asked about parenting tips. Here are the must-hear hacks that are helping him survive raising his 4-year-old son Ben, and his 18-month-old daughter, Lucy.

The Bravo star in his late 50’s. Though he never thought it would be possible for him to have a family, he is now the single dad to both children born through different surrogates, though they are “biological siblings,” PEOPLE reports.

You won’t find him stressing about organic breakfast fruits or days that finding the newest fancy bassinet to put his baby to sleep. In fact, he says marijuana makes him a better parent. In addition, Cohen isn’t about the extra gadgets and gizmos, a trick he credits to his baby nurse: “She really taught me for infants, don’t give them anything that they become so dependent on,” he says. “So neither of my kids had pacifiers,” Cohen, 55, continued.

“I didn’t do the crib that shakes them to sleep, because what if I go somewhere and they don’t have an electric crib.” No SNOO for Cohen, it seems.

He credits his age to the fact that he’s not “as psycho as he would have been 20 years ago,” so if his kids happen to have chips for breakfast one day, they’ll all just try again tomorrow. It’s a solid philosophy for the trying toddler years as well, he’s realized.

Us more uptight mamas love his chill dad vibe as he strolls around the city with his daughter and big Starbucks in tow, or soaking up some cuddles on their family vacation. Maybe the secret to parenting isn’t in all those self-help workbooks but in his book instead — from his book, The Daddy Diaries: The Year I Grew Up (*adds to Amazon cart*).