Andy Murray says the Uvalde mass school shooting is 'unbelievably upsetting'

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Andy Murray called the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School “unbelievably upsetting”.
The Wimbledon champion and survivor of the UK’s deadliest mass shooting - the 1996 Dunblane massacre when he was nine-years-old - revealed that an 18-year-old gun man opening fire and killing 19 children and 2 teachers at a school in the city of Uvalde in Texas with an AR-15 made him “angry”.
Of the second deadliest school mass shooting in US history, the 35-year-old tennis player told BBC Sports: "It's unbelievably upsetting and it makes you angry. I think there's been over 200 mass shootings in America this year and nothing changes. I can't understand that. That shouldn't be happening to children and parents shouldn't have to send their children to school and feel worried about something like that happening."
Andy - who has four children with his wife Kim Sears, 34 - continued: "My feeling is that surely at some stage you do something different,” outlining his belief that gun control being a political issue and advocating trying “something different”, noting the lack of action of behalf of US lawmakers on the issue.
He said: "You can't keep approaching the problem by buying more guns and having more guns in the country. I don't see how that solves it. But I could be wrong. Let's maybe try something different and see if you get a different outcome."
Andy spoke about how he “experienced a similar thing” as a child - where 16 pupils and one teacher lost their lives at his primary school in Scotland and prompted widespread gun regulation in the UK- to the children recounting their ordeal in the news.
He said: "I heard something on the radio the other day and it was a child from that school. experienced a similar thing when I was at Dunblane, a teacher coming out and waving all of the children under tables and telling them to go and hide."
The US Open winner questioned why doing drills to prepare was the best thing for children, calling it “really upsetting”.
Andy said: "And it was a kid telling exactly the same story about how she survived it. They were saying that they go through these drills, as young children ... How? How is that normal that children should be having to go through drills, in case someone comes into a school with a gun? I don't get it. It's really, really upsetting and I hope they make some changes."

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