Andy Warhol wanted Jerry Hall to leave Sir Mick Jagger

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Andy Warhol used to tell Jerry Hall to "leave" Sir Mick Jagger.
The 65-year-old model was in a relationship with the Rolling Stones frontman - with whom she has four children - for 22 years from 1977 but she admitted her late artist friend thought she should walk away and "marry some rich guy" instead.
She recalled to The Times newspaper: "I first met Andy Warhol in Paris in 1973. We were introduced by Antonio Lopez, the fashion illustrator. We went to the Metro and did passport photos in a booth. We went to the nightclub Le Sept and had dinner and danced in the disco downstairs after...
"Andy did six portraits of me. He took millions of photos of me, a handful of which are in the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, and tape-recorded our conversations. He loved my Southern accent. He always told me to leave Mick Jagger and marry some rich guy."
Jerry - who is now married to newspaper tycoon Rupert Murdoch - told how she and the artist used to hang out in legendary New York nightspot Studio 54, but they opted to be "boring" and people-watch while "naughty" stars, including Mick, partied in the basement.
She continued: "We were very close friends until his death in 1987. We went together most nights to Studio 54 and that was so much fun. Studio 54 was Caligulan, it was terrible.
"I mean it was wonderful, it was wonderful, and you knew because you saw all these famous people, people from all over the world, and it was very, very glamorous and very, very decadent.
"I never went in the basement, neither did Andy, but terrible things happened down there. Everyone taking cocaine, that was so boring. I never took that, neither did Andy. We were up there with the old ladies, watching!
"Andy and I both liked to hang out with the older crowd in the upstairs balcony — Diana Vreeland, Truman Capote, Tennessee Williams (they hated each other — Tennessee was writing a part in a play for me), Martha Graham — and we would watch the crazy dancing below.
"Mick would disappear into the basement with the naughty crowd and Andy would keep me company."

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