Ange 'too broke' to divorce Brad

Amy Stevenson

She recently admitted she's now the "breadwinner" of the family and will be returning to the big screen after an acting hiatus, but is financial strain the reason Angelina Jolie hasn't divorced Brad Pitt yet?

Despite once being the most sought after actress, an insider tells OK! mag that the 42-year-old is "having cash flow issues" and is struggling to pay all her bills, including for the services for her divorce lawyer!

Does Ange need a dollar to get divorced? Source: Getty

"Her lawyer, Laura Wasser is one of Hollywood's most expensive attorneys and Angelina is struggling to find money to pay her retainer," the source dished to the outlet, adding that the high-profile lawyer charges $1060 an hour and requires a $31,300 retainer for her services.

It seems the cost of ending love is quite expensive!

And while she and Brad ranked in the big bucks during their 12 year relationship, which ended last September after Ange filed for divorce, it seems being Angelina Jolie doesn't come cheap.

The actress is reportedly 'too broke' to continue divorce proceedings with Brad after they split last September. Source: Getty
The actress requires security and private nannies for her brood. Source: Getty
Being Ange doesn't come cheap! Source: Getty

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"Her security detail is thought to cost around $40K per month and she insists on a private nanny for each other her six kids. Angelina can't afford to finalise things. She's run into trouble," the insider continued.

So it seems if Ange wants her marriage completely done and dusted she'll need to come up with some cash, and quick.

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