Angie Harmon 'would love' to reprise her Law and Order role

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Angie Harmon “would love” to reprise her ‘Law Order’ role.
The 49-year-old actress - who played Assistant District Attorney Abbie Carmichael on the NBC legal procedural for three seasons between 1998 and 2001 - is interested to “do an arc or something” on the Dick Wolf-created show, which was recently revamped and renewed for season 22.
Angie told Entertainment Tonight that when it was resurrected for its 21st season, she said: “I would love it. I was like, ‘Look, guys, I mean, I would love to do an arc or something.”
She added: “I would love to revisit Abbie. She was just so fun and wonderful,” before saying that she loved Sam Waterston - who played her boss District Attorney Jack McCoy, who often sparred with Angie over their differing views - and “that whole group”.
The former ‘Law Order: Special Victims Unit’ guest star called her time working with the franchise as “a really, really wonderful time in” her life.
Angie said: “Just know that was a really, really wonderful time in my life. I mean, what a great time to, you know, begin an acting career,” before quipping that Abbie could fit in Jack’s shoes, saying” “That would be perfect. Just on hang on everybody.”
Angie - who has daughters Finley, 18, Avery, 16, and Emery, 13, with her ex Jason Sehorn, the 51-year-old former NFL star - shared that she was drawn to her latest project, the Lifetime movie ‘Buried in Barstow’ was the maternal “primal instinct” of her character, Hazel King.
She said: “The thing that drew me to ‘Buried in Barstow’ the most was the whole mother caring for her child [and] that sort of primal instinct.
“It’s something that can’t be forced. It can’t be faked. It’s just something that’s so natural and I think every parent gets it, you know.”

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