Angus provost Brian Boyd resigns over rant that left councillor in tears

The provost of Angus has resigned after he berated a councillor to tears during a public meeting.

Brian Boyd announced he is stepping down from the role with immediate effect after video footage emerged online of the incident on 20 June.

Mr Boyd was branded a "verbal bully" for his "hysterical and theatrical outburst" by a fellow councillor after clips were shared on social media.

The independent councillor described himself as a "very dramatic person" when he previously apologised during the council meeting for going "over the score" with Lois Speed.

But in a statement on Tuesday, after the video was posted online following the general election, Mr Boyd said: "While I have thoroughly enjoyed serving the people of Angus as their provost, I recognise that my behaviour fell below my own personal standards.

"Therefore, I will continue to put Angus first and be standing down with immediate effect."

Mr Boyd added he will continue to act as a councillor for the Carnoustie and District ward.

In the video, independent councillor Lois Smith is interrupted as she attempts to ask a question.

Mr Boyd is seen standing up, stating: "Councillor Speed, when I stand up, everyone here sits down."

He then reads out the council's policy on standing orders, adding: "When the convener starts to speak, any member who is standing will resume his or her seat.

"No other member will stand and the convener shall be heard without interruption. Have I made myself clear? Thank you."

Ms Speed responds that she is "very confused" and was building up to her question.

Mr Boyd is recorded replying: "So, carry on with your question then, and relevance, please. Thank you."

Ms Speed, the councillor for Arbroath East and Lunan, is then seen getting emotional before leaving the room.

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One colleague describes Mr Boyd's behaviour as "unfair", while another brands it a "disgrace".

The meeting stopped for a break following the incident.

Mr Boyd later apologised, saying: "As you can see it's a very terse day and I think this is the opportune moment for me to apologise to Lois, or councillor Speed, for my overreaction.

"I'm a very dramatic person at the best of times and I did go over the score on that. I hope you accept my apology."

Ms Speed was contacted for comment.

Scottish Conservatives councillor Craig Fotheringham told Sky News Mr Boyd was not fit to hold the title of provost.

The Monifieth and Sidlaw ward councillor stated: "Councillor Boyd has made the correct decision as he's nothing short of a verbal bully and not fit to hold a public office.

"Councillor Speed was clearly shocked, shaken and extremely upset by his hysterical and theatrical outburst, which has no place in society, never mind a public office.

"I'm delighted that he has resigned as provost of Angus as he's not fit to hold that title."