Anna Faris wanted 'an affair' while married

Natasha Lee

Her split to husband Chris Pratt broke hearts around the world.

Now, actress Anna Faris has revealed some shocking insights into their relationship, admitting she wanted to have an affair with Chris while she was still married to her first husband Ben Indra.

The stunning admission is made in Anna’s new book, Unqualified, which she has dedicated to Chris and their son, Jack.

Anna Faris and her first husband, Ben Indra. Source: Getty
Anna with her second husband, Chris Pratt, who she says she “desperately wanted to f**k” while she was still married to fellow actor Ben Indra. Source: Getty

In the book, obtained by the Daily Mail, the 40-year-old star admitted that she “desperately wanted to f**k” Chris while she was still married to fellow actor.

Anna and Ben married in 2004 but three years later realised neither of them “were happy in the relationship”.

Anna and Ben married in 2004 but three years later because neither of them “were happy in the relationship”. Source:Getty

It was during the filming of Take Me Home Tonight, in which Anna starred alongside Chris Pratt and Topher Grace, that she realised she needed to end her marriage.

The final nail in the coffin came after Ben joined Anna and her fellow cast mates on a night out.

Anna with the cast of Take Me Home Tonight. Source: Getty

While Anna went home early, Ben continued to party and ended up crawling into bed at 7am.

“I don’t know what exactly went down, but the next evening I was talking with (Topher), who played my brother in the film,” Anna writes.

Topher then asked Anna, “what the f**k are you doing with that guy?”

Topher and Anna. It was Topher who made Anna ask herself the hard question and decide if she really wanted to stay married to Ben. Source: Getty

Anna also went on to reveal her insecurities which only began to grow as her profile blossomed.

“Around the time I was filming The House Bunny, I started getting lip injections in my upper lip. I did it for a little bit and I noticed a small difference, but no one else ever said anything. I kept wondering if anybody else even noticed”, she said.

Anna on the red carpet for The House Bunny, the film which she says sparked her insecurities about her body. Source: Getty

The actress said it was only when he friends old her that her lips were beginning to look “too big” that she stared to ween off them.

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