Anne Hathaway's pregnancy lies

Anne Hathaway is only a good liar when she is pregnant.

The 'Devil Wears Prada' star welcomed a son Jonathan into the world on March 24 and admits she spent a lot of the nine months when she was expecting lying to everyone and became quite the professional.

She told Entertainment Tonight: "I'm a very, very bad liar. I get very flushed when I lie, so I am very bad at keeping secrets. People can always tell what's up. The only secret that I kept, and I will tell you I got really good at lying, was when I was pregnant.

"I lied about everything having to do with it. I did not feel like, 'Oh, I am lying.' It was like, 'No, I am protecting.' I am a boxing-out mama bear."

Meanwhile, the 33-year-old star previously insisted she doesn't want her post-baby body back.

She shared: "I think shape is an ongoing thing in everybody's life. So, I'm not trying to recapture something that was. I'm going with what it is now.

"Some things I guess are the same as they were, and other things are a little bit different. I'm just so proud of what the changes signify. So, there's no rush to do anything. I'm so happy being here.

"I find that my workout is really different now because I gave birth. I feel like doing burpees now after having a baby is zero big deal."