Anne-Marie's diet warning from psychic

Anne-Marie was told not to eat cheese by a psychic.

The 'Birthday' singer went for a reading in Los Angeles and after undergoing a 30-minute ritual, initially the only message she was given was to ditch the dairy product from her diet.

She said: "I went to a psychic reiki woman in LA and she lays you down and dongs things over you.

"She has music playing and she puts her hands over your chakras and everything.

"She's done that for half an hour and I sat up and she went, 'Anne- Marie, all I saw was cheese and then a big X, saying don't eat it'.

"I was like, 'Thanks. Is that it?'."

But the 28-year-old singer - who wrote three songs during the trip to California - admitted the session gave her a massive boost "psychologically" when it came to her career.

She added to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "We went over to the tarot cards and she was like, 'All I see next year is your career and your life just being a massive roller coaster. It's going to go insane. This trip has been very important to your writing. Whatever you've done on this trip has been so important to your career'.

"And I was like, 'Oh my God'. It freaked me out a bit. I don't know if it's real or not but it definitely helped me psychologically."

Anne-Marie is vegan so admitted she shouldn't be eating cheese, but can't help give in to her cravings for Philadelphia cream cheese, even though it makes her feel ill.

She said: "It's so hard because it's so good, isn't it?

"Well, I'm vegan, and I obviously can't eat cheese now, but there's some days when I need some Philadelphia, and that happens, and then I get a bad belly.

"That's the Lord Jesus Christ telling me that I shouldn't eat cheese, then she confirmed it, so I scrapped it completely. I'm not doing it, I'm vegan now."

The '2002' hitmaker turns 29 in April and is planning a "psychic party" for her friends.

She explained: "Basically what I'm planning for my birthday this year is a psychic party. So I'm going to get psychics there to do our readings. I think that's going to be my best birthday ever."