Annie Murphy suffered mood swings after being given the wrong birth control

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Annie Murphy suffered from mood swings after being given the wrong birth control.
The 35-year-old actress - who is known for her starring role as Alexis Rose on 'Schitt's Creek' - first started to take a version of the contraceptive pill as a teenager but claimed she was left with "ups and downs" as a result.
She said: "It was like, 'Here's the pill, this is the thing that you use. So kind of no questions asked, my young 16-year-old brain was like, 'I trust this doctor, they want what's best for me.' And I started on the pill. I would have goblin days where I just didn't even recognize myself; I was feeling really, really sad, really down, really anxious," she explains. "Slowly I started putting two and two together and realizing that it was the pill that was causing these really big ups and downs."
However, the Emmy Award-winning actress - who has been married to rock star Menno Versteeg since 2011 - has these days switched to a product called Phexxi and urged women to speak up for themselves when being prescribed something at the doctor's office.
She told PEOPLE: "There are so many options out there. Maybe Phexxi isn't for everybody, but it is an option that I had not heard about at all. And I genuinely hadn't heard about anything but the pill and the NuvaRing — it was limited to those forms of birth control. And that, to me, is really disappointing because different women have different needs and different levels of comfort about what they put into their body. And there are so many products out there that we aren't educated about. That was the struggle, you know, the content really wasn't there and I feel like the doctors, no one really had the desire to pursue any kind of education with me."

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