Another poll shock as Nats surge ahead

National has surged ahead of Labour in the latest opinion poll with enough support to govern alone.

The Newshub Reid Research poll gives National 47.3 per cent, up four points in 10 days, while Labour has lost 1.6 points to 37.8 per cent.

The Greens have slipped to 4.9 per cent, just below the threshold for seats under MMP, and NZ First is down to 6 per cent, losing just under a point since the last poll.

On those results National would have 61 seats in a 121-member parliament, a majority without needing any partners, and it would be able to rely on one additional seat from the ACT Party.

Labour would have 49 seats, and even with NZ First's eight seats it wouldn't be able to beat National.

In the preferred prime minister stakes, National's Bill English is just ahead of Labour's Jacinda Ardern - 33.1 per cent to 31.7 per cent.

The poll is in stark contrast to the latest 1News Colmar Brunton poll released last Thursday, which showed Labour steady on 43 per cent and National dropping two points to 39 per cent - it's lowest rating since 2005.

Newshub's narrative is that the poll difference shows how volatile the vote is, and it credits Mr English with pulling National into the lead with his recent campaign speeches and his performance in TV debates.