This Anti-Aging Body Lotion Gets Rid of Winter 'Alligator Skin'

Rachel Nussbaum
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This Anti-Aging Body Lotion Gets Rid of Winter 'Alligator Skin'
This Anti-Aging Body Lotion Gets Rid of Winter 'Alligator Skin'

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Snow is currently whipping down on New York City, and while the first snowflake of the year is always a happy surprise, by this point, the iconic Devil Wears Prada quote deserves a rework. Snow? For the weekend? Groundbreaking. Compared to the awful conditions in Texas, New York has it easy — but if there's one thing I'm lusting after, it's a trip to a warm, blissful beach.

I'm not a monster, so the dream is still a long way off from our current pandemic-stricken reality (Ahem, certain senators). But according to shoppers likewise longing to hear the opening bars of Barry Manilow's "Copacabana," Kopari's silky body lotion is the next best thing: a miracle for skin left dry and scaly by winter.

The Coconut Body Milk Lotion unites organic coconut oil, shea butter, and chamomile for some sensory indulgence, so it smells incredible while moisturizing away cracks and flakes. It's earned over 600 five-star reviews from shoppers on Kopari's website, where dozens of them attest that it makes itchy, uncomfortable winter skin disappear with a single use.

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Compared to other lotions reliant on heavy formulas that sit on your skin for 15 minutes before sinking in, over 60 shoppers say Kopari's lightweight, non-greasy blend absorbs immediately and still moisturizes like a hydration bomb. One person writes that despite their area's harsh winters, it's the only product that keeps their skin nourished — "soft as a baby's butt," in fact.

The feeling lasts for a full 24 hours, shoppers say, even for those over 50 whose skin otherwise requires constant moisture. "I've tried numerous products that claimed to rejuvenate 'alligator' skin (as I like to call my aging skin), but none of them have lived up to their promise except this one," one person writes, concluding that it leaves their skin feeling soft and youthful.

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Many people lavished praise onto the lotion, bequeathing phrases like "I'm hooked for life," "it's absolute perfection," and "this is the only lotion I will use." Even those with sensitive skin love it: A shopper with an auto-immune disease says that it's truly improved the texture of their skin, while another writes it's worked wonders for the eczema on their legs.

Those who've tried all that the market has to offer return to the Kopari milk, dubbing it the best remedy they've found for super dry skin. It's unbeatable for staving off dehydrated, cracked skin, they say — the only room for improvement is making it available by the gallon. And best of all, they say the fragrance will take you on vacation, morals unimpeded.