'The Crown' expert tells all on Prince Philip cheating storylines

Allison Yee

For those of us who have fallen into a shameless The Crown binge, they’re the explosive storylines that have left us wondering exactly what went on behind closed doors with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

While the show never goes so far as to show anything untoward, it does focus on Philip’s five-month tour of the Commonwealth without the Queen, and shows the monarch stumbling across a photo of ballerina Galina Ulanova in her husband's possession.

Now The Crown’s historical consultant Robert Lacey has weighed in on how the show alludes to troubles in the royal relationship.

The latest season of 'The Crown' has left fans wondering about the Queen's relationship. Photo: Getty

"Sometimes we have to reflect the ambiguity of the truth," Robert told Good Housekeeping.

"That's one of the appeals of the series. That we don't go for easy solutions. We don't say ‘Yes, Philip was unfaithful,' nor do we say 'He was pure as the driven snow.'

The latest season of 'The Crown' featuring Matt Smith and Claire Foy has hit Netflix. Photo: Instagram

“We say 'here is the evidence, you make up your mind.'"

Robert goes on to reveal he doesn’t think Prince Philip – who commemorated his 70th wedding anniversary with the Queen last month with new royal portraits – was unfaithful.

The British monarchs pictured with their children Charles and Anne in 1951 are the first to reach 70 years of married life together. Photo: Getty
Prince Philip released a new portrait to commemorate his 70th wedding anniversary. Photo: Getty

However the historian does says Prince Philip didn’t do anything to dispel whispers either by having close relationships with female friends.

“People have often said, ‘He must have been unfaithful,’ but there is no solid evidence for that,” Robert told People.

“There is no evidence for it.”

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