'Stinkmore': Carrie Bickmore's body odour discussed on The Project

Olivia Morris

Carrie Bickmore may be going by the name of "Carrie Stinkmore" from now on after her bad body odour was discussed on The Project on Thursday night.

The 36-year-old had given her fellow panellist Rachel Corbett a dress of hers to borrow for the show but there was apparently a "residual smell" lingering in the fabric. Watch the hilarious clip above.

"I didn't realise she (Rachel) was borrowing one of my dresses," Carrie said in hysterics, "and she just turned to me and said, 'I think there's residual smell in this dress from the last person that wore is because I'm really smelling very bad tonight.' I said, 'It was me.'"

Carrie Bickmore may be known as
Carrie and her co-host were in hysterics last night over a dress Rachel had borrowed which smelled. Source: Ten

"Old Carrie Stinkmore strikes again," other panellist Tommy Little joked, chiming in on the subject.

While the whole panel were in fits of laughter, Carrie tried to smell her co-host's armpit to get proof of how bad the odour was.

"If you're going to accuse me on national television of smelling, put your arm up," Carrie said.

Rachel couldn't contain her laughter over the situation. Source: Ten
Waleed Aly stuck up for Rachel as Carrie told the hilarious story. Source: Ten

Waleed Aly stuck up for his co-host Rachel pointing out that it was, in fact, Carrie who brought up the hilarious story.

Let's just hope, for the sake of Carrie, the name "Stinkmore" doesn't stick.

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