Apple launches an iPhone X that's not tied to a wireless carrier

Todd Haselton
Tomohiro Ohsumi | Getty Images. But there are opportunities for Apple to surprise Wall Street.

Apple has quietly begun offering a new SIM-free unlocked model of the iPhone X. The new model was launched overnight and first spotted by 9to5Mac.Prior to Monday evening, customers had to choose a wireless carrier in the U.S., buying the phone with an AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon SIM. Now, customers can pay full price and activate it with the carrier of their choice. This option is ideal for business travelers who don't want to stick with a wireless carrier and who might want to pop in a SIM card from another carrier, such as an international one during a trip. Verizon's iPhones are typically unlocked from the get-go, as are iPhones that are purchased on Apple's early upgrade plans and without a carrier contract. The unlocked SIM-free iPhone X still starts at $999 with 64GB. Apple also sells a 256GB model for $1,149, the same price as a carrier model.

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