Ariana Grande Got Choked Up Speaking About Getting Botox and Lip Injections

"I just felt like [I was] hiding."

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Ariana Grande just got candid about receiving lip injections and Botox and why she has since stopped. In a new video for Vogue's Beauty Secrets series, Ari got choked up while talking about her journey with beauty and how she used to "hide behind" makeup and injectables.

"Full transparency as a beauty person, as I do my lips, [I've] had a ton of lip filler over the years and Botox," she told the camera while lining her lips. "I stopped in 2018, because I just felt so — too much. I just felt like [I was] hiding, you know?"

The singer and r.e.m. beauty founder then started to tear up before saying that she "didn't expect to get emotional." She explained that in the past, beauty was "about hiding for me."

"I, over the years, used makeup as a disguise or as something to hide behind," she said. "More hair, more and more, [the] thicker the eyeliner ... and that can be so beautiful at times and I still do have love for it."

Being in the public eye at such a young age impacted the way she viewed herself and beauty because people "have things to say about your appearance. "It's really hard to know what's worth hearing or not, but when you're 17, you don't really know you don't know that yet," she said.

Now, the singer has come to embrace her natural beauty and evolve her approach to makeup and glam. "As I get older, I don't love that [hiding] being the intention behind it anymore," she said. "I think of it as self expression now and accentuating what is here. Our relationships to beauty are so personal, like we're here talking about beauty secrets. Isn't the secret that we all just want to feel our best and be loved?"

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She's not against receiving cosmetic procedures (and even jokes she may change her mind in the future), but for now, she's happy to age gracefully and learn to love herself as is.

"To each their own, whatever makes you feel beautiful, I do support, but I know for me I was just like, oh, I want to see my well-earned cry lines and smile lines," Grande explained. "I hope my smile lines get deeper and deeper. And I laugh more and more and I just think aging can be such a beautiful thing."

"Now, might I get a facelift in 10 years? Might, yeah!" she added with a laugh. "But these are just thoughts that I feel like we should be able to discuss," she said. "If we're sitting here talking about beauty secrets, fuck it let's lay it all out there."

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