Ariel Winter's very sexy photoshoot

Emma Shepherd

Ariel Winter is definitely not shy when it comes to showing a little flesh, and her latest photoshoot with LaPalme Magazine is certainly no exception.

Ariel stuns in cover shoot for LaPalme magazine. Source: LaPalme

The 19-year-old actress showed off her curves and stunned in a number of glamourous outfits in a Golden Age style shoot that took place at The Hollywood Castle in Los Angeles.

The 19-year-old wowed in a Golden Age style shoot. Source: LaPalme

The shoot took place at the beautiful Hollywood Castle in Hollywood. Source: LaPalme

And despite public backlash in the past over her outfit choices, the Modern Family actress was keen to defend herself in an interview with the publication.

The Modern Family star had a lot to say in her interview with the publication. Source: LaPalme

"I get criticised in the press every day for the things I do. Other girls will wear the exact same things I wear, and they'll get, 'So and so looks cute in a crop-top on her day out,' and I'll get 'Ariel bares all in a skimpy outfit, yet again.'"

Ariel shows off her bod in black skirt and bodysuit with gladiator heels. Source: LaPalme

She continued, "And it will be me wearing the same thing as another person who just got praised and I got cut down," she told LaPalme.

She shows off her curves in a red bodysuit and red fur coat. Source: LaPalmer

"For so many years I tried to change my appearance and I tried to do different things to make myself so everyone is going to accept me, and they didn't, the thing we all have to realise is the media is going to portray you the way they want to portray and it's not going to change" she said.

She also wore a stunning white jumpsuit with cape along with some retro sunglasses. Source: LaPalme

We think Ariel is serious body goals.

Celebrity photographer Mike Rosenthal shot the cover and spread and was also styled by Creative Director Derek Warburton.

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