Aries monthly horoscope

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Lucky Days: 4, 5, 6, 12, 27

Yucky Days: 9, 18, 19, 24, 29

Colour: Silver Filament

Celebrity Icon: Weruche Opia

Welcome to the most pivotal month of your year, fire bb. September brings that back-to-school feeling, but under the lingering pandemic vibes, it’s far different than it’s ever been before. A deeply emotional Full Moon in Pisces washes you clean on the early morning of the 2nd. This lunation parts the waters in your dream zone, making you into a psychic vessel. This can be overwhelming, so practice lots of self-care. You’re letting go of a lot of the trauma of the last six months, and it may feel uncomfortable, but deeply healing – and after a few days, you should be flooded with relief. With your ruler poised to retrograde through his own sign starting on the 9th, everything hangs in the balance. This is both rare and a big deal, Aries. Since the Red Planet moved into your sign in late June, you’ve allowed yourself to express your rage and hopefully, air your desires. This is a recalibration, and it’s extremely important to make sure you don’t default to passive-aggressive behavior or worse –backpedal on your own needs to please others. Have physical outlets available to get your feels out of your system – but don’t work out so hard that you hurt yourself. The New Moon alights in your work zone on the 17th, so prep your six-month manifestation list. It’s time to set intentions for where you’ll be exactly one year after the beginning of the pandemic. By March of 2021, what do you want your daily life to look like? The Sun moves into your relationship zone at the Fall Equinox on the 22nd, making partnership matters mega-important for the next four weeks.


Lucky Days: 4, 7, 8, 18, 30

Yucky Days: 1, 10, 16, 22, 24,

Colour: Pewter

Celebrity Icon: Rooney Mara

The stars ask you to remember what fun actually feels like this month, Aries luv. It’s been easy to forget this since early spring, but with the Sun in your house of love, creativity and pleasure through the 22nd, radical bliss is beaming down on you, and you just can’t miss it. August opens with an exquisitely powerful Full Moon in your social zone on the 3rd. Let all your emotions flow, especially when it comes to the brunches, shopping trips and cool art parties you’ve missed all these months.

If keeping up with weekly Zoom cocktails with your besties has become more of a chore than a joy, resolve to find a fresh way to connect and collaborate. Note that this is also a fundamental way to access your own creativity.

Venus finally leaves Gemini on the 7th, bringing some much-needed love to your home zone for the next few weeks. Eclipse season and Mercury Retrograde did a major number on this part of your horoscope in June and July, and the next few weeks deliver the sweet aftermath. A stunning New Moon in Leo arrives on the 18th, bringing bold optimism to your romance zone – for real. It’s time to let the Sun shine in, Aries – and set intentions for your next six months of bliss. Yes: bliss. Life isn’t going to magically change instantly, but if you pledge to honor your own need for love and pleasure, you will find it even in the unlikeliest moments and places.

The Sun shifts into your work and wellness zone on the 22nd, setting you up for a busy month ahead. This astro-vibe definitely has a back-to-school feeling – even if the traditional idea of school has been totally upended for a time. So sharpen those proverbial pencils and know that you can multitask like a boss as Virgo season takes hold. Be on alert as your ruler Mars squares Saturn on the 24th – this is a challenging aspect that pits your ego against your career ambitions.

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