Ashlee Simpson thinks she's 'done' having kids

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Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross have differing views on having more children.
The couple welcomed their second child together, a son named Ziggy, into the world in October 2020, and they also have six-year-old daughter Jagger.
Ashlee - who also has Bronx Wentz, 13, with Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz - started out by claiming they were "done" adding to their brood, but her other half is hopeful she'll change her mind.
Speaking to 'E! News', the 37-year-old singer said: "I think we're done."
However, her spouse interjected: "We'll see."
Ashlee continued: "He is ready for more! I do love being pregnant and being a mother but, I'll let you know if I change my mind."
The 'Pieces of Me' hitmaker - who tied the knot with Diana Ross' son in 2014 - also revealed their little boy is starting to "jibber jabber and say cute things".
She shared: "He says Ross and Jagger."
Evan previously revealed his daughter was “furious” when she found out her younger sibling would be a boy.
Although Jagger “loves the baby” now, she was less than thrilled when her parents initially told her she’d be getting a baby brother.
The 33-year-old actor-and-musician explained: “She loves the baby, but when she found out that it was a boy at first, she was super, super mad.
“She was furious, we did a gender reveal with the whole family on zoom. And I could see her like on my side and it was like, she like broke down. She was like, ‘Oh, it’s a boy.’ She was so upset, you know, but then now she’s, she’s like a great big sister. She kisses him probably every five seconds.”
Evan also said his stepson, Bronx, is “the most chill guy”.
He added: “Bronx has been, you know, Bronx, their older brother is probably, you know, he’s the most chill guy.
“I don’t even know. He’s like, he’s so well-grounded, he takes care of, both of them so well. So she gets to see how he treats her and how he treats him. So she’s, Jagger’s become this really great big sister and he helps her with it too, so that she doesn’t feel like she’s having to share the intention.”

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