Ashley Graham's pregnant body woes

Ashley Graham hasn't found it "easy" to embrace her pregnant body.

The 32-year-old model - who is due to give birth to husband Justin Ervin's son later this month - admitted she has a "complicated relationship" with her appearance and though she hasn't welcomed all the changes pregnancy has caused to her figure, she thinks it's a sign of how "awesome" bodies are.

She said: "I feel like we all have complicated relationships with our body.

"Mine has been changing in some new and interesting ways.

"It hasn't been easy to embrace my pregnant body, but it's definitely a reminder of how awesome our bodies truly are."

The 'Pretty Big Deal' host confessed to having "meltdowns" over the fact a lot of her clothes no longer fit her pregnant frame.

She said: "This morning I had a mini meltdown because nothing fits me.

"I texted my stylist and said, 'I need a fitting. I just need five key pieces.'"

Ashley has enjoyed becoming part of an "incredible club" of advice and support since announcing her pregnancy last year, so she's happy to be candid about how expecting a baby has made her feel at every stage.

She added to Grazia magazine: "Every day is different. You really don't get to pick and choose how you feel. And every woman is so different.

"But I've never had so much support around me.

"I have women reaching out and saying, 'This is my baby list...' 'This is what I went through...'

"I feel like I'm part of this incredible club that I never knew existed."