Ashley Graham calls to ignore society's ideas of beauty

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Ashley Graham believes it is time to “take control” of societal views and “accept our own bodies.”
The 34-year-old model – who has Isaac, 23 months with husband Justin Ervin and has just given birth to twins – has slammed society’s version of beauty and urges fans to “feel beautiful” in their own skin.
She said: “Society is always going to try to tell us what beauty looks like. It’s up to us to take control and accept our own bodies and the skin we’re in, because we’re all beautiful no matter what society or social pressures say. As long as you feel beautiful in your own skin, it doesn’t matter what anyone else has to say.”
Ashley has documented her pregnancy on social media and called for others to follow her lead and be more "open" about their experiences, in particular the physical and emotional changes caused by carrying a child.
She said in an interview with Britain's HELLO! magazine: “I love being open with my experience [of being pregnant], and I think more people should use their platform to be more open. Our bodies are changing and it’s a very emotional time as well. Having a community of people who can relate to what you’re going through is so important, especially for us moms.”
Ashley was very excited to be having twins but joked she was going to end up "outnumbered" by males in her household.
Speaking before she gave birth, she joked: “Between my husband, Isaac and now the new baby boys on the way, I’m about to be outnumbered in this house but I cannot wait to meet them soon!”

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