Ashley Graham 'spiralled' after devastating flight delay

Ashley Graham burst into tears when a flight delay left her with less time to see her kids.
The 35-year-old mum of three - who has son Isaac, three, and two-year-old twins Malachi and Roman - recently "started to spiral" after a flight from Los Angeles back to her home in New York City got cancelled.
She told PEOPLE magazine: "It was a journey getting home from LA and it took way longer than it should have.
“My flight kept on getting delayed and delayed and then eventually, canceled.”
While the rest of her family were "cool, calm and collected" amid the ordeal, Ashley reacted badly.
She added: "I started crying. I knew I only had one day to see [my kids]. And as a mom, when you're planning out your time to see your children, every minute matters.”
Once the model was home, she was due to attend the US Open, but she instead decided to cancel the plans and spend some quality time at home with husband Justin Ervin and their boys.
She said: "It's little tiny sacrifices you make. I would've loved to have seen Coco [Gauff] win in person, but we can always watch on TV."
Ashley wants to "soak every moment in", particularly as her kids are growing up and she's realising certain aspects of parenthood won't "last forever".
She explained: "It's so sad. It's sad because I want to hold one like a baby and rock it, and they're like ‘No, no, no.’
"You're warned as a mother to cherish it now because it's not going to last forever. I always look at those people and roll my eyes. But everybody's right. It goes by so fast."
However, the loving mum is "really grateful" that it almost "doesn't matter" because each new stage of life is "so fun and so different".
She said: “Once we're graduating one stage, we hop to another and it's just a different kind of experience and fun.”