Genius sock hack blowing people's minds

Sarah Carty
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect outfit and trainers to wear, only to go to your sock drawer to discover you’ve run out of invisible socks.

You know the kind that won’t show over your fancy trainers and ruin the aesthetic of your whole look?

Well that might never happen to you again, as ASOS has shared a genius ankle sock hack with their 9.4 million followers, and it’s blowing people’s minds.

“Fashion hack alert. Caught out with the wrong socks? Try this,” ASOS captioned the clever video, which has been liked over 422,000 times.

It shows a person with neon pink ankle socks on and a pair of silver flat shoes on the floor.

A genius sock hack is blowing people's minds. Photo: Instagram/ASOS

The person can then be seen rolling the top of the ankle socks down until it reaches their toes and then pulling the sock out at the front.

When the sock is stretched enough, the person then folds it underneath the foot and tucks the fabric in at the ankle.

The person in the video can be seen rolling down the sock so it can be stretched over the toes. Photo: Instagram/ASOS

The result is pretty amazing, with the ankle socks not showing at all when they then put their foot into the silver pump.

People couldn’t believe their eyes, with many calling it a ‘game-changer’.

“Genius,” one person commented, while another said: “Mind blown”.

The end result is amazing. Photo: Instagram/ASOS

But does it actually work?

However, others were more skeptical that the hack wouldn’t actually work.

“Great till you take one step and they slide back down into your shoe!,” one person said.

“That sock is coming off on the first step. It woulda been a look if they kept the socks the way they were,” another commenter said.

Excuse us while we all try this out for ourselves in the office.

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