Aussie bikini designer hits back at 'cruel, pathetic' trolls

Kristine Tarbert
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Karina Irby has called out hateful trolls online. Photo: Instagram/karinairby

Aussie bikini designer Karina Irby has lashed out at online trolls, calling them ‘cruel, weak, pathetic and insecure’, and shared some of the hateful comments she has received online.

The influencer, who has one million followers, took to her Instagram stories to laugh off the cruel comments, but decided to call out the haters.

“I consider myself a pretty ‘average’ girl when it comes to my figure and appearance. I have curves, I have skin issues, I try to watch what I eat but I definitely treat myself from time to time, I workout regularly, but can definitely be lazy as well,” Karina tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“If the ‘haters' feel the right to comment on an ‘average’ girl like me, they’re clearly totally out of touch with reality.”

Karina shared screenshots of some of the cruel comments with her fans.

“Yeah that’s why they make brown paper bags,” was one mean comment.

“She has some nice curves but maybe hit the squats a little more and lay off the fast food,” another had written.

These are some of the cruel comments. Photo: Instagram/karinairby

Karina says she decided enough was enough and wanted to call out the online bullies for all the people who might not be able to laugh it off so easily.

“I truly hate to think what they might say to others online - especially people that might not have as thick skin as me or be used to being trolled like me,” she tells us.

Much of the most recent barrage of comments came after the founder of Moana Bikini shared a transformation photo, opening up about her 10kg weight gain, her body maturing and how much happier and more confident she feels in her body.

She is constantly sharing her body positive message with her followers online, not afraid to show her un-filtered, real self.

“My decision to hit back at the comments has very little to do with them and their thoughts, but more to do with those other girls or guys out there that might be suffering from trolls or online bullies,” Karina says.

“I want them to realise these people have no power over us and that their actions reflect everything about themselves, and nothing about their target.

“Their actions and choice of medium show them to be the cruel, weak, pathetic and insecure people that they are.”

She says she would relish the opportunity to meet some of these people face-to-face and show them on how “proud, passionate, beautiful, strong” women are.

“I guarantee that if they met me (us) face-to-face they would never have the guts to say these things,” she says.

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