Aussie landlord called out over 'stingy' bathroom question

The homeowner took to social media for advice, but copped a slew of backlash.

An Aussie landlord has been mocked by fellow property owners and tenant advocates after questioning the repair of a shower head which he claims broke while a tenant was showering in the property he owns.

The homeowner sought advice from members of the 'Landlords Australia' Facebook group and asked whether it was his or the renter's responsibility to replace it, suggesting the tenant was at fault as they were using it at the time.

Broken shower head in bathroom.
The landlord questioned whether he or the tenant is responsible for replacing the broken shower head. Source: Facebook

In Australia, landlords are responsible for all fixtures in the property they rent out, and this includes taps and showerheads. Tenants on the other hand are generally responsible for general cleanliness or repairing damage if they caused it, national tenancy laws state.

The question riled up tenant advocate and qualified lawyer Jordan van den Berg who told Yahoo News Australia, "fixtures are a landlord's responsibility, regardless of how stingy the landlord is".

"If you can’t replace a shower head that costs a couple of bucks without kicking up a stink, you’re not fit to be a landlord," he said, and other landlords agreed.

'This is a joke'

Some slammed the poster and insinuated he was trying to get out of buying a new replacement, which could cost less than $50 with a similar item from Bunnings.

"You’re not serious are you? Buy a new shower head," one person wrote. "Oh come on, this is a joke," another added. Meanwhile, someone else asked, “Why is this even a question?"

The question itself gives "good landlords a bad name" according to one furious property owner claiming landlords should be aware of their responsibilities. Meanwhile, others suggested investing in "top quality" items for the property if they wished for it to last, which can often work out cheaper in the long run.

Bathroom stock image
All fixtures, including taps and shower heads, are the owner's responsibility. Source: Getty

Many Aussies 'not doing well' in rental crisis

The post comes as the housing crisis continues across Australia with renters often forced into subpar properties with extortionate asking prices. Jordan has made a name for himself by exposing dodgy rentals across the country admitting some people "are really not doing so well".

"I've been to a place where tenants are getting nosebleeds regularly ... which is I feel like a sign of the times," he previously told Yahoo.

Jordie said he "doesn't even know where to start" when asked for examples of the conditions renters are being exposed to in Australia, but his exhaustive list includes "dodgy" electrical jobs, asbestos, black mould, plumbing issues, 'spy' cameras and a ceiling "about to fall in".

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