Aussie model Mimi Elashiry stuns in Roxy collaboration

Emma Shepherd

Aussie blogger turned model Mimi Elashiry has collaborated with Australian swimwear label Roxy and to work alongside photographer Ming Nom Chong for the latest summer range which has been released earlier this month.

The 22-year-old has shared her tips and tricks on how she stays fit and healthy including her beauty secrets to keep her skin glowing and clear so she's in prime condition before her photo-shoots.

Mimi teamed up with Ming Nom Chong to help assist in collaboration on the latest swimwear collection. Source: Ming Nom Chong Photography

Mimi admits her schedule is busy and says she's always on the go traveling around the world. She shares her number one trick to staying fit and healthy when on the move.

"I like to stay hydrated, I also love drinking coconut water and kombucha, and I don't eat plane food... ever," she tells Be. "Take your own food, don't overeat when you're tired either."

Mimi shines in the new swimwear bringing her signature boho look. Source: Ming Nom Chong Photography

Her other tips include monitoring caffeine intake and drinking lots of vegetable juice and tea.

"I do a lot of veggie juicing, and drink lots of herbal tea too," she explains.

"The first thing I do when I land from a long haul flight is try and do some gentle exercise and get out in the sun to tune my body into the time zone! - walking, yoga, swimming."

The Aussie beauty reveals her favourite way of exercising and staying in shape.

The 22-year-old poses with a Roxy surfboard walking towards the ocean. Source: Ming Nom Chong Photography

"My fave routine way to keep fit is when I’m in LA, she says. "JJ Dancer Classes And GROOVES with Kennis! It’s like ... serious Twerk-out."

"If i cant make it to ballet or dance cardio, I do a boxing nearly every day, yoga and long walks to keep me fit! I also love that quirky little eighties eight minute abs video onYouTube and Tracy Anderson videos."

And her secret when it comes to healthy eating is to stick with a whole foods diet and steering clear of foods that are processed and refined.

"It is mostly plant based however I am not vegan or vegetarian. I cook a lot as I like to know exactly what’s in what I’m eating ! And I shop at farmers markets/eat organic when I can."

The natural beauty shows more of a sultry side while posing in a one-piece near some palm trees. Source: Ming Nom Chong Photography

It seems that her strict regime has paid off as she stuns in the new Roxy campaign.

Created by women for women, the collection combines the latest styles with cheeky cuts and Roxy’s signature functional fit.

The Roxy High Summer range is available now, in stores and online at

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