Aussie mum defends taking 18 pieces of luggage on holiday

The music artist and mum of twins thought it was 'incredible' how riled up some people were.

A Sydney mum has been forced to defend why she needed 18 bags of luggage when travelling to the US with her husband and their twin babies.

Music artist Joey Dija splits her time between Australia and Los Angeles — where she was headed a month ago — often documenting her professional and family life on social media.

Much to her surprise, one particular video didn't bode well with followers, with some questioning why the family needed "so much stuff" if they weren't even "moving" to the US. With so many items the family's luggage arrived at the airport on the back of a ute.

A photo of Joey and her husband Omar, with their luggage outside the airport in Sydney. A photo of some of their luggage on a cart in the airport.
Joey Djia, pictured with her husband, was forced to explain why she and her family needed 18 bags of luggage for their three-month trip to the US. Source: TikTok

Joey Dija explains why family needs 18 bags

"It isn't all twins' stuff, it's two adults' belongings too, and we work from home so both offices and a portable recording studio," she responded in the comments of the video from the end of July.

Joey recounted some of the items, which included baby capsules, baby seats, a travel cot, prams, golf clubs and organic baby formula, saying it cost $300 for the extra four bags. “As a family of four, we were allowed 14 pieces free with our tickets, as each baby was allowed a pram, a baby bag each and two pieces of baby luggage," she told

Joey thought it was "incredible" how "bothered" people were by the amount of luggage, almost as if "they were paying for [their] flights and being asked to push around [their] luggage".

“I would never be irritated by someone doing something for themselves that didn’t harm anyone or anything, especially when it didn’t inconvenience me at all," she told the publication.

“After this particular video went viral, I was glad that I was able to explain the reason and logic of the bags to encourage more mothers to tackle the fear of travelling with their kids."

Some also asked why the couple weren't just buying some items in the US, to which Joey explained that it would cost thousands more. While others were pleased none of the luggage managed to get lost or damaged, like one Qantas passenger recently experienced during an international flight.

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